About a week ago, I bought a 60 page book of 7×10 painting paper for no particular reason. A combination of late-night facebook creeping, creative drive, and boredom lead to a painting of a good friend (see: Day 1 — Mary)… Looking back on it the next day, I decided that I wanted to start keeping a painting journal. Like with the plays and short stories I write, I wanted to include the people who affect my life in varying degrees. I sent a request to the Facebook world for each person to send me their favorite photo, either of them, or taken by them. I was pleasantly surprised with the initial response, and I hope that it will continue. My goal is to incorporate each of the photos I’m collecting into a painting — one a day until I run out of pages in my little book. On the flip side of the pages, I’m including poems, stories, memories, etc. — whatever the painting/photo evokes.

My purpose in this is three-fold:

1. Practice. I want to paint. I can paint. With practice, I hope to hone this skill and turn it into something powerful.

2. Promoting self-love, and sharing emotion.  It would be easy for me to Facebook creep and steal a few photos, but I like the idea of starting from something that makes each person feel good about themselves. We’re a slightly angsty self-conscious bunch. I’m interested in what makes us happy? What makes us feel good? What of ourselves do we want to see reflected in the world? I’m also interested in the marriage of your photos and my art.

3. The final product should be pretty dang cool. Yep.


And now, I figure I’ll extend this request to the rest of the internet. It doesn’t matter if I know you or not. If you happen by this blog and are interested in what I’m doing, leave me a photo, or a note, or an idea. Everyone involved will receive a print of their painting, and I hope to have a book for sale by the end of the summer. 🙂


About Brittany Alexandra

Student. Actor. Artist. Exploring the world, and sharing my experiences.

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